The Steed

When exploring you ride your pet, like a knight charging into battle.

Speed:  4 Spaces

Stat Bonus: +1 to explorer strength

Carrying Capacity – Your explorer can carry currencies equal to their strength +3

Type Adaptation: 50% chance each round to ignore all effects due to difficult terrain.  In time sensitive situations, this can be a real benefit.

Note – any of these pet types can be used instead for a robot companion.  In this case the stat bonus is changed to +1 Tech.  All other effects stay the same



The Pint-Sized

Your pet is on your person – either on your sholder, or in a special backpack – when you are moving.  They have small legs and you must carry them.

Speed:  2 Spaces

Stat Bonus: +1 to explorer compassion

Carrying Capacity – Your explorer can carry currencies equal to their strength -2 (you are already carrying a pet)

Type Adaptation: You can give your pet to another player.  When you do so their speed drops by 1 and yours raises by one.  You only take a -1 to all checks (as opposed to the usual two) and the other player can use your chosen adaptations.  You get two chosen adaptations instead of one.


The Pack-Leader

Your pet runs at your side and leads with keen instincts.

Speed:  3 Spaces

Stat Bonus: +1 to explorer focus

Carrying Capacity – Your explorer can carry currencies equal to their strength +1 (your pet can hold one resource generally but can also facilitate the transfer of 2 resource currency to an adjacent space as a free action on your turn or on another players turn)

Type Adaptation: Once a round when an ally in your space or adjacent to your space fails a roll there is a 30% you can give them a re-roll.  Your pet is a pack leader and can inspire.

You cannot inspire yourself

Chosen Adaptations

How does your pet survive?

When picking an adaptaion, think about what weaknesses your character has and chose an adaptation that can help compensate. Keep in mind that the max a pet bonus can raise a stat to is 17. These bonuses only apply while you are with your pet.

If  you are playing a longer campaign your pet will gain a new adaptation on their 3rd, 5th and 7th session.


  • Claws – +2 to might rolls to cut through brush or other obstacles.
  • Jaws (Aquatic) – +2 to dexterity rolls whilst in water or other similar liquid.
  • Jaws (Ferocious) – Twice a session, reroll a dominance roll.
  • Cute – Twice a session, reroll a compassion roll.
  • Sparky – Twice a game reroll a technology roll. Furthermore your creature can be used as a small battery.
  • Milk of Plentiful Hydration – Trainer has +2 on stamina rolls to resist overheating or dehydration.
  • Wings (Aerial Scout) – Each round you have 30% chance of being able to attempt the investigate action for free (without spending your action for that round).
  • Webbing – For an action can always sproduce a 5’ by 10’ web platform that PCs can walk across. This webbing must not be in fire, water, lava, or liquid acid.
  • Sticks to Walls – Both pet and trainer can use their movement vertically on most surfaces that arem’t (1) perfectly smooth (2) have a lubricant (3) are inherently hostile.

Hostile Environments Planet Mining


Man and Beast

“These worlds.  They are natural to them.  They don’t fully understand why we find it so difficult.  But we feed them, and yes, they do love us.”

– – Space Captain Rex