Resource Currencies

Mining Planets, Taming and other Extreme Sports

Resource currencies represent in game-terms how many resources your character has available to them.  There are five resource currencies – Molten Minerals, Odd Ore, Arcane Algae, Strange Sap and Helpful Herbs.  

  • Arcane Algae – Used for aquatic-related, and psychological effects, as well as to boost the mutagenic properties of Strange Sap
  • Molten Minerals – Often used as explosives or to provide energy or heat to an alchemical mixture.
  • Odd Ore – Used to reinforce metals and space suits
  • Strange Sap – Used in mutagenic recipes, often with Arcane Algae
  • Helpful Herbs – Almost esxclusively used in medical recipes

As a space explorer you will use resources to make concoctions with recipes, to bribe NPCs, and to accomplish quest specific tasks.  To make Elite and Divine Resource Currencies you will need to tame alien pets as well.

Each day in game time, every player gets to roll for mine for a specific resource.  In hostile environments resource deposits may be found that grant more opportunities to mine.

In a longer campaign, players can seek out the Prime Matter – matter abstracted off all characteristics, thus having infinite potential.  


Common Uses for Resource Currencies

All Explorers Know these Common Uses

  • 2 Arcane Algae – Two arcane algae can make a lure that will cause many creatures to come closer.
  • 2 Molten Minerals – Two molten minerals can make an explosive that can blast through most barriers
  • 2 Odd Ore – Two Odd Ore can construct any simple structure (levers, wheels, platforms etc.)
  • 2 Strange Sap – Two strange Sap can create a stimulant tied to a specific stat. It allows a reroll of one dice roll related to that stat. (You can see if your first die roll fails before using the stimulant). Using this stimulant causes you to lose two Stamina if you succeed or 1d6 stamina if you fail.
  • 2 Helpful Herbs – Two helpful herbs can be used to make a first aid tonic that can heal 1d6 stamina and is considered stable healing.

Your character’s class reveals how many additional recipes they can earn.

Tamable Lifeforms

First Contact with Strange Lifeforms 

Some lifeforms encountered in a hostile environment are tamable. GMs create a set of triggers which describe how the creature will react to certain PC actions. To tame a creature, the party will need to

(1) avoid offending its triggers,
(2) give a species specific gift (usually a specific amount of resource currency) and
(3) depending on the species’ social pattern use compassion or dominance to tame (3 rolls, 2 of which must be successes).  Some creatures are tamed through dominance others through compassion.  Attempting to tame is a single action (unless creature description says otherwise), but gift is consumed even on fail. Tamed lifeforms stay on their planet & are thus quest specific.

A tamed lifeform may grant a new adaptation for the player to use, stat pools to spend (usually about 3-5 points in pools),  and possibly evidence points.

Some tamed lifeforms may have a cost to keep them day to day – a resource currency to eat for example.