Character Creation

Making Your Explorer

  • Roll 4d6 and keep the highest 3 to produce six stats: Might, Agility, Focus, Technology, Compassion & Dominance.  Each of these stats is associated with certain actions.  To test a stat, you attempt to roll under it or equal to it on a d20. 
  • Set your Stamina according to your Class.  At present, Doctor, Chemist, Beast Rider and Roboticist are the current classes.  

Then ask your self – why did they start exploring?  What are they willing to risk their life for?  Why did they choose this alien lifeform to accompany them?

Game Overview:  The GM will explain what mission you are on and what the central problem is.  This can be an environmental concern threatening a planetary settlement, a need to find a cure to a disease, a creature in danger, a vanished away team  . . . anything.

 Usually a mission is completed when a sufficient amount of evidence points (EP) are found.  Evidence points represent how close to solving the story’s central problem the characters are.  Often evidence points are scientific, not criminal evidence.  However, corruption is rife in the galaxy and forensic clues can produce EP as well.  EP can earned by investigation, taming animals and interacting with NPCs. 

When in a safe environment players can narrate their actions and the GM narrates the actions of NPCs and the environment.  

If success or failure is in doubt the GM can ask for a stat test.  Often finding evidence points will require going into a hostile environment.  This will involve limited opportunity and rolls to resist effects of the hostile environment.

To aid you, you will tame pets and resource currencies.  When players reach the end of the story they will be able to achieve a better outcome the more evidence points they have.  The GM should have different endings in mind that can be unlocked at different evidence point levels. 

For example, if players are trying to make a cure for a disease, getting the bare minimum EP allows them to make a concoction that saves most of the settlement.  If they get maximum EP they save the entire planetary settlement.  In this case EP would likely be found by investigating adaptations local creatures have to the disease.  Finding these creatures would require going into hostile environments.  

Alien Pet

Your pet is the key to your survival – they are used to these worlds.  You are not.  

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Your First Adventure

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