January Releases and Log

January Adventure: Scandal on Demeter VI

  • The adventure is written! But I do not want to upload it until I have play tested it with my Martian Society players.
  • Playtest day is Feb 11. The adventure will be added to itch.io soon after that
  • These Virtual Tabletop tokens (available on itch.io page) are here as a “Sorry the January release will be late” gift. Twelve adventures for Hostile Sun are still planned – just want to make sure Demeter VI is play tested before it is uploaded.
  • The playtest of Demeter VI will be uploaded to YouTube!!! Be sure to be on the lookout for that 2/12/2023!

Rules Errata – Stat Generation

  • Pre-generated scores of 16, 14, 13, 12, 11 and 7 can be used instead of 4d6k3 1=2.
  • 3d6, re-roll 1s once (so when getting one twice in a row, keep the re-rolled one) is another score option
  • 74 point buy, max 16 in any given stat is another option

Images (Book and Tokens)

  • Work on Photoshop Edited Unsplash Image Assets Underway. Example Tokens:
    • Astronaut with Snake
    • Astronaut With Spider
    • Doc the Spider Dog
    • Cosmic Eye
    • Tentacled Curiosity
    • Three-Eyed Bear
    • Spikes
  • Some AI outputs are now being enhanced/combined with photoshop. Example Tokens:
    • Determined Astronaut
    • Cosmic Eye
    • Astronaut looks at Nebula
    • Astronaut Demeter VI
    • Giant Cosmic Eye
    • Astronaut Roboticist
    • Astronaut Dragon Armor
  • Adobe Fresco Cartoons are being made also. Example Tokens:
    • Astronaut Cartoon With Mushroom
    • Cosmic Eye
    • Volcanic Beetle
  • More drawn and Unsplash/Photoshop images are on the way!